"Gallery List" Game Pages File Link Modifications Completed As Of 9/3/2019

Posted by Merit Celaire [ mailto: ]
Date: Tuesday, September 3, 2019 - 03:48 PM
Category: Site News/Update Entries

That's right, everyone; as of the date and time of this posting, we can at last declare this case officially closed. Yours truly snagged the chance to deal with the Super Paper Mario page of our "Gallery List" section in regards to updating our external file links pointing to our new external file hosting account with MEGA. So now, all our "Gallery List" pages on this site are now up to date with all existing file links accounted for; however, if you are still having difficulty with accessing the files themselves under our new external file host, please do not hesitate to send me an email addressing your case to me as soon as possible.

Once again, a few quick reminders related to this case:

(1) Any previous blog entries before this one which had links to our music files under the SaberCat Host and/or Instaudio accounts under us have been or will be nullified. Instaudio deactivated all file links to their servers last Saturday (8/31/2019), and we are in the process of starting the cancellation process with SaberCat Host within the next few days which will result in any external file links to the SaberCat file hosting servers nulled as well. This should be considered as a "final warning" now that we've gotten all our "Gallery List" pages up to date with our new external file host.

(2) Because of our music files themselves being externally hosted by the folks at MEGA, you need to ensure that the browser that you're using is able to access the site itself where the files are stored. As previously mentioned in this entry last Saturday, compatible browsers that MEGA allows for accessing/downloading of files in question include Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. Once again, I've still yet to investigate if the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and/or Microsoft Edge are compatible with the MEGA file hosting access system for downloading of our music operation's files here; however, if anyone has attempted to do this and run into any possible breakthroughs, please don't hesitate to let me know the word about this as well.

Once again, we appreciate your understanding of these matters as well as give thanks for all your patience these past few weeks as yours truly was literally sorting out all our "Gallery List" game pages to get the file links themselves up to date pointing to our recently established hosting account. And now that this case is completely closed as of today, I can see about starting to get back in the music arrangement groove full force and attack my planbook's backlog during these "final four months" of the 2019 year. See you all later.

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