Two Friendly Reminders for 8/10/'19

Posted by Merit Celaire [ mailto: ]
Date: Saturday, August 10, 2019 - 10:50 PM
Category: Music Operation Happenings

Okay, faithful followers and music arrangement enthusiasts, I'm just snagging this chance to share a few reminders about what's been happening for these operations including which angles still needs your responses at this time. Rest assured that I'm still on top of the matters listed below; however, I must let you all know that since a few weeks ago during the course of late last month, I've been involved in this new "weekly job obligation" (details undisclosed) which has had me adjust my overall schedule even further. But thank heavens for it because "real life matters" have been trying to bring me down into "big depression mode" and I've been fighting tooth and nail to put that "enemy" in its place. But enough about yours truly, here are the matters that I need to let you know about at this time:

(1) The Search for a New External File Host Still Continues
At this time, the above case is still in the "high prority" status because as you all are already aware via many angles, our external file hosting account with Instaudio is slated to close late next month. However, I've received additional clues from you all that access from your end to load our music operation's files is slated to be terminated at the end of this month. Regardless, this is still a "code red" situation on all fronts, and I've still been trying to find time to investigate legitimate external file hosting successors so that I can get our file links updated A.S.A.P. once we've made a final decision.

That said, I'm still waiting to hear from you all in regards to any external file hosting candidate suggestions that you may have which has an acceptable quality of service like Instaudio. Once again, if you do have any suggestions themselves that I should look further into regarding new external file hosting candidates, please don't hesitate to send me an email or get in touch with me at our Discord Portal.

(2) Your Votes Still Needed For Our Recent Poll (Featured Super Nintendo Music Instrument Sets/Favorite Music Arrangement Styles)
A few weeks ago, I posted this poll for you folks to cast your votes regarding what Super Nintendo music instrument sets/arrangement styles were your favorites for all the modern Super Mario (and branched) videogame music covers that I've done for these operations to date so far. I'm still waiting to hear from many of you regarding this so that I can know which featured SNES music instrument sets/arrangement styles you are enjoying so far as you're checking out these tunes in question; so by all means, make with the voting here!

That's all the reminders I have to share with all of you here tonight; once again, both angles have gotten in my way (especially the first one listed on this entry) from proceeding to clear an ever increasing backlog of Super Nintendo music style arrangement targets. But I'm determined to get this done so that I can get back into the music groove full force for the rest of this year. I'm sure you all are going to love what I plan to share with you all in the coming months when this "tormenting" ordeal is out of the way and in the history books. Stay tuned, friends, and I honestly thank you for your kind patience during this time. I'm gone for now.

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