Another Quick Reminder About Plagiarism Matters Involving Our Music Materials

Posted by Merit Celaire [ mailto: ]
Date: Sunday, May 12, 2019 - 10:51 pm
Category: Music Operation Happenings

Topic on this blog entry says all; this is mainly to give another friendly reminder about what you faithful followers/listeners are able to do if you find that any of our music materials are found on other sites without proper permissions (also known as "plagiarism"). Although I haven't run into any cases yet to my knowledge regarding our stuff, the reality is that it still could happen and we need to be on the ready to take action against any potential offenders who might do the inevitable.

First of all, so far, the only places/exceptions where I'm usually reposting selected music arrangements that I've done for these operations is our SoundCloud account (and that's one of the angles which I've been using to try and help promote these music operations as a whole and to get interested folks over to this site and our other "interactivity portals" like IRC and Discord as well). And at this time, I'm still investigating and/or setting up other "angles" to help promote what we've been doing here to a wider audience because I still have faith that there are still dedicated Super Nintendo music style arrangement fans as well as Super Mario videogame series fans just waiting to hear these awesome covers (and I'm not saying that to be conceited!). That said, this is also to make clear that we still have a zero tolerance policy for any "plagiarism attempts" against us. But we need your help to combat these matters when they arise so we can take action accordingly.

I'm hoping that as the months forge ahead, I can see about implementing another email form that will focus on allowing you all to report any cases of possible "plagiarism" of our music operation's files themselves; in the meantime, you are still able to use our main email form to file your reports for me to investigate further into. Just make sure to note in the subject line that you have encountered a case of someone committing plagiarism of our files; along with that, make sure to include where you found said files being posted without our authorization and if there is any contact information for the person on said offending site so we can take action accordingly when the investigation is complete.

Thanks in advance for assisting us to combat any possible plagiarism attempts that may occur against these music operations as the months forge ahead; it is greatly appreciated.

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