Two Quick Reminders: Future "Behind the Process" Entries/New File Hosting Service Suggestions Needed

Posted by Merit Celaire [ mailto: ]
Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 08:15 am
Category: Music Operation Happenings

Hey there, good morning, faithful friends/listeners/followers of our beloved music operations here. As yours truly is still trying his best to get a huge "music arrangement target backlog" slowly cleared out of the planbook, there are two quick things that I need to remind you all about which need your input as soon as possible which will help me plan going forward for the rest of this month (and for the following months afterwards).

(1) Suggestions for Future "Behind the Process" Entries Still Needed From You All!
That's right, everyone; I still haven't forgotten this part of our operations; at this time, I'm still planning on new stuff to cover and share with you all in the coming months. But that doesn't mean that you folks aren't able to play a role with help me out in the "planning process"; on the contrary. Once again, the "suggestions" related to the upcoming entries here need to be music operations related stuff only; as always, you can leave those suggestions to me via sending an email, letting me know your ideas via IRC (when I'm online), Twitter (via reply to respective threads when posted there), and our Discord Portal (in the respective channel there).

(2) File Hosting Candidate Suggestions Needed
Finally snagged the time to see about bringing this topic to the forefront for these music operations overall - as you all know, regarding the music arrangement files themselves here, they are hosted on our external file hosting account with SaberCat Host. But during the course of the previous months, I've been getting a few complaints in regards to the following reasons of "file access hurdles" as well as the "download speeds" when folks actually do the download process itself of the files chosen for download. I hope to get to the bottom of this in due time; until then, I need to know if you all know of any more reliable external file hosting candidates that will address said issues in question. Once again, you all know the drill in getting in touch with me - same as #1 on this blog entry.

That's all for today, everyone; you all have an awesome Tuesday, and I'll see you all later. Take care for now.

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