SoundCloud Account Maintenance Progress/New Music Arrangements Incoming Tomorrow!

Posted by Merit Celaire [ mailto: ]
Date: Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 12:27 pm
Category: Music Operation Happenings

Hey there, friends; happy Saturday to you all! Although I'm techincally in the "weekend mode" as I write this, there are two things that I need to relay your direction at this time.

(1) SoundCloud Account Maintenance Progress
First, I have spent the course of yesterday and a few hours this morning to sadly take down many files from our music operation's SoundCloud account to free up timespace for new "personal favorites" content to be added when the time comes after I post new "general music arrangement file updates" for this place overall as a whole. Because of this action, it has now resulted in my having 41 minutes of timespace remaining to carefully use for the account (unless I see about giving the account the "upgrade" it needs, which is still on the "to do list" when the time comes). And it looks like it's slowly becoming clear that the SoundCloud Portal that we have is where we're apparently finding those that are interested in these music operations that I hold dear; we just have to bring them to our community itself overall here. But more on that come another time.

(2) New Music Arrangements Incoming During The Course Of Tomorrow!
Nope, you're not reading that wrong. If you folks can recall from two years ago (March 10, 2017 to be exact, which Nintendo calls "Mar10 Day"), I posted a Super Nintendo music style arrangement targeting a song from Mario Kart 8 (specifically, this one right here). Here's the thing, this time around, although I can't disclose the full details on this, I will state this clue: two songs from that same game have been targeted, and I'll see about getting them posted during the course of tomorrow after I return home from church. What songs could have been targeted, you ask? You'll just have to wait and see on that front! As always, I'll make sure to give you all the "heads-up" on all channels when the two newest files do get posted, so you folks won't want to miss this, that's for sure!

Until then, stay positive and I'll see you folks again during the course of tomorrow when the newest Super Nintendo music style arrangements get added. Later, all!

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