First, as of the date of this announcement itself, all music file links that pointed to previous file hosting accounts that we've had with SaberCat Host (as well as Instaudio before it) are now inoperable as a result of the files themselves being deleted from those areas. More details on this "official confirmation" itself can be read here.

Second, a quick reminder that if you're wanting to join our "follower base" on both our Twitter and Discord "social media portals", you're still able to submit your requests for access; however, due to recent abuse that occured since a few months ago, we've been forced to implement an "approval process" for everyone's security as well as the safety/integrity of those two areas. Read this post for more information; after that, go here and submit a "follower request" if you have an active Twitter account. If you have a valid Discord account, you can also submit a temporary invite link request for access to our music operation's server itself by filling out this form here. Please be advised that the approval process itself for both "social media portals" takes between 24 - 48 hours after your respective inquiry has been received. Thank you.

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Social Portals - Twitter (Rules/Guidelines)

Posted by Merit Celaire on Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 10:54 am

LAST UPDATED: January 18, 2018

The rules/guidelines set forth on this page are in relation to the corresponding Twitter account for our operations. Some rules are the same as the ones posted for the forums (which we still recommend that you join as well), but the following apply to your checking us out on Twitter if you want to follow and/or contact us from this angle:

(1) Like our forum portal, G-rated content only, please. - It is our intention like this site, forums, and any other social interactivity channel to have our "Twitter Portal" of our operations to have a family safe, family friendly atmosphere.

(2) Treat other users on our "Twitter Portal" with courtesy and respect. - This is in extension of our first rule for this social channel, but still is worth mentioning about. As stated on other places of these operations, this is for all fans of Nintendo's Super Mario franchise (along with the music for it) to unite and discuss all things in relation to it; however, the primary "tweets" we will be posting will be in terms of what is happening regarding our music gallery operation management here overall.

(3) No discussion of "illegal activity" allowed; there will be NO exceptions to this rule.

Like the rules stated on any portal that has a "interactive" option attached to it, your follow us and/or liking, posting responses, etc. to the tweets posted under this account denotes that you have agreed to the rules set forth above in this document. Additionally, although this is aimed for a target audience and we believe that common sense will be used in the participation set forth here, we still must stress that repeated failure to abide by these rules will result in your Twitter account being block from interacting with messages posted under our Twitter profile (including direct messages); additionally, your messages may also be muted as a result as well if evidence shows that you're in breach of these guidelines.


How Our "Twitter Portal" Page Will Work
As mentioned above, our "Twitter Portal" page is an extension of our music operations from the "social communities" angle to let you all know about what's been happening with us regarding latest music arrangement additions, new features on the "home base" site, and so forth. You can expect from us the following in terms of our Twitter content postings:

* Notices on latest music arrangement additions/music arrangement file updates for our operations here.
* Topics which need your detailed responses at our Forum Portal.
* Noteworthy happenings at this "home base" of operations that you all need to check out when you have the chance. (This also includes any important news as a rest of web hosting operations on the backend that might affect our "home base" website here.)
* Giving you all the heads-up about Nintendo's Super Mario series in general, on occasion. (We obviously still have to consider "the source", and I am of course, a dedicated Super Mario videogame series fan.)

Finally, it should also be noted that even though we're using this method to do the related procedures stated above in this section, you are still highly encourage to sign up for our forums and join in the detailed discussions there as well. On certain occasions, as said earlier, certain tweets will include links to the forum topic(s) in question so that you'll be able to post your responses there as well.


Also, keep in mind that these rules/guidelines for our "Twitter Portal" page are subject to change with our without notice to you, so it is your responsibility to check this page on a periodic basis. If you have any further questions regarding the rules stated forth in this document, then please do not hesitate to contact me about it.