First, as of the date of this announcement itself, all music file links that pointed to previous file hosting accounts that we've had with SaberCat Host (as well as Instaudio before it) are now inoperable as a result of the files themselves being deleted from those areas. More details on this "official confirmation" itself can be read here.

Second, a quick reminder that if you're wanting to join our "follower base" on both our Twitter and Discord "social media portals", you're still able to submit your requests for access; however, due to recent abuse that occured since a few months ago, we've been forced to implement an "approval process" for everyone's security as well as the safety/integrity of those two areas. Read this post for more information; after that, go here and submit a "follower request" if you have an active Twitter account. If you have a valid Discord account, you can also submit a temporary invite link request for access to our music operation's server itself by filling out this form here. Please be advised that the approval process itself for both "social media portals" takes between 24 - 48 hours after your respective inquiry has been received. Thank you.

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Addendum to Important Announcement Made on 8/22/'19 ("Discord Portal" Invites)

Posted by Merit Celaire on Friday, August 23, 2019 - 10:57 am

This is to coincide with the important announcement that I posted during the course of yesterday due to recent attacks against yours truly and our social media portals on Twitter and Discord. But the focus is regarding the "Discord Portal" side of these music operations.

As you may have noticed, although we still have our server on the Discord still up and running (especially after I have had to hand out bans to the majority of users who were found to attempt personal attacks on me and everyone else there), the "public invite link" to gain access and join the server has been taken down and disabled until further notice.

In the meantime, and hopefully during the course of this coming weekend, I'll see about working on a new email form page that will allow those of you who are legimiate supporters of these music operations themselves to request a temporary invite link for access to our Discord server. Because of the recent happenings, the member count there as of the time of this posting now stands at 13 (including myself as the server owner/administrator).

This bears repeating once again when the form itself has been dealt with and goes live, which is also a warning: all requests that we will be receiveing from potential members who want to join us are subject to be screened ensuring that the responsible parties who have had their bans handed out against them due to recent "events" will NOT gain access to the server ever again. This is one of the "security measures" that will be in place until further notice; once again, there is no ETA on when we'll activate another public link to our Discord server, so please don't ask about this either.

That's all for now regarding this matter; thanks in advance for your patience regarding said events discussed here at hand, and I'll make another announcement post when the form itself goes live. See you all later.

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