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This means that the file hosting account that we have with them will be null and void in about one to two months; we are now diligently searching for a new reliable successor at this time so we can update the file links on our "Gallery List" pages accordingly before the end of September. Your help is greatly needed in this case; if you have any reliable external file hosting candidate suggestions that we should look further into (that obviously operates similar to Instaudio), please send me an email.

ALSO: It is still planned for us to see about canceling the "former" SaberCat Host external file hosting account that we have in due time (after we have definitely addressed the above situations). When the said "former account" does get canceled, any file links that were posted under the former external file hosting account from previous blog entires on this site will not be accessible anymore. More details of this warning can be read by checking out the latter part of this article. We appreciate your understanding and patience regarding this matter, everyone, and thanks in advance for any new external file hosting candidate suggestions that you send to us between now and September.

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August 2019 Greetings: Dealing With One More "Hurdle"...

Posted by Merit Celaire on Thursday, August 1, 2019 - 09:25 am

Good morning to all of you faithful friends/listeners, and fellow Super Mario videogame fans... once again, emulating a phrase that I've heard on the morning news itself from the weather reports: "welcome to August!"

And this "monthly greetings" itself to start off the new month came right on time just as we finished dealing with necessary modifications/file links list adjustments for our website's "Gallery List" section. But just when yours truly thought I could breathe a sigh of relief and see about getting back into my Super Nintendo music style arrangement groove to clear a very huge backlog of targets on my planbook, another hurdle was thrown at me regarding the news of Instaudio's planning to close their doors in late September.

At this time, I'm currently on a diligent search to find our next external file hosting candidate that provides the same kind of services that Instaudio did; however, once again, I need to find that candidate before Instaudio's services completely shut down. And you folks are able to help me out on this by sending me your suggestions on possible new external file hosting candidate "successors" by sending me an email or if you have a Discord account, let me know of any possible candidates that I should investigate further on by interacting with us on our server portal.

As always, I'll make sure to keep you folks up to date on any new developments regarding this case as the weeks forge ahead. But rest assured that I am determined to get this done so we can definitely get back into the usual "Super Nintendo music style arrangement groove" for this place; we haven't had any new additions here ever since the latter part of May (when I shared with you my latest batch of SNES music style covers targeting the Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker musical score)!

Until then, keep it locked on this front page, as always; all of you have an awesome August, and I'll see you folks later. I'm out.

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