As of 8/1/2019, we have completed our "Gallery List" page modification/file links list procedures entirely. However, we've been recently informed that the external file hosting service (Instaudio) will be closing their doors in late September. More details can be read here.

This means that the file hosting account that we have with them will be null and void in about one to two months; we are now diligently searching for a new reliable successor at this time so we can update the file links on our "Gallery List" pages accordingly before the end of September. Your help is greatly needed in this case; if you have any reliable external file hosting candidate suggestions that we should look further into (that obviously operates similar to Instaudio), please send me an email.

ALSO: It is still planned for us to see about canceling the "former" SaberCat Host external file hosting account that we have in due time (after we have definitely addressed the above situations). When the said "former account" does get canceled, any file links that were posted under the former external file hosting account from previous blog entires on this site will not be accessible anymore. More details of this warning can be read by checking out the latter part of this article. We appreciate your understanding and patience regarding this matter, everyone, and thanks in advance for any new external file hosting candidate suggestions that you send to us between now and September.

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Instaudio Planned To Shut Down in Late September; Your Help Needed On Finding A New "External File Hosting Candidate"

Posted by Merit Celaire on Saturday, July 27, 2019 - 09:48 pm

This blog entry is to further elaborate on the news that we briefly posted about on this site update announcement that I shared with you all earlier this afternoon.

So this is the situation that we are in right now: we have received word from the folks at Instaudio (our current external file hosting service that we have stored our music operation's files on) that due to numerous unfortunate circumstances on their end, it has been decided that they are going to close their doors in late September of this year. I won't go into all the full details about it here, so it's best for you folks to read this article that they posted on their site.

So, what does this mean for us? Allow me to explain.

First, this situation in no doubt has thrown a wrench in my completing our "page modifications/file links list updating" for the "Gallery List Section" of our music operation's site. However, I do have a plan in regards to addressing this case at hand: the priority right now is to finish the page modification/file links list updating procedure as usual for the last two "big pages" (being Super Paper Mario, as well as Game & Wario). Since we do have an account with Instaudio and the administration doesn't plan on taking down the site entirely until late September, I want to make sure that we can at least get these last two pages accounted for within the next one to two weeks.

Which now brings me to the second part of this situation: the challenge facing our operations now is finding a new external file hosting successor after the Instaudio site shuts down. And I need everyone's help in finding that candidate that will deliver the same satisfactory service that Instaudio provided (and yes, that means you, the one who's reading this!).

If you all have any suggestions on any candidates that I should consider and investigate further into, please do not hesitate to let me know A.S.A.P. via sending me an email. Of course, if you have an account on Discord and am a member of our related server there, please let me know of your suggestions for new file hosting service candidates in our #music-operations-discussion channel.

Repeating, all of this must be dealt with before the end of this coming September, so the quicker you can relay your suggestions to me on new file hosting candidate services, the faster I can see about making further adjustments accordingly before the Instaudio shutdown occurs. It would be greatly appreciated; thank you all in advance. I'm out for now.

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