First, as of the date of this announcement itself, all music file links that pointed to previous file hosting accounts that we've had with SaberCat Host (as well as Instaudio before it) are now inoperable as a result of the files themselves being deleted from those areas. More details on this "official confirmation" itself can be read here.

Second, a quick reminder that if you're wanting to join our "follower base" on both our Twitter and Discord "social media portals", you're still able to submit your requests for access; however, due to recent abuse that occured since a few months ago, we've been forced to implement an "approval process" for everyone's security as well as the safety/integrity of those two areas. Read this post for more information; after that, go here and submit a "follower request" if you have an active Twitter account. If you have a valid Discord account, you can also submit a temporary invite link request for access to our music operation's server itself by filling out this form here. Please be advised that the approval process itself for both "social media portals" takes between 24 - 48 hours after your respective inquiry has been received. Thank you.

"Discord Portal" Temporary Invite Link Request Form

This form is for those of you who are still currently expressing an interest to join our music operation's server on Discord. Due to recent events and/or possible server abuse there (along with personal abuse towards certain users in the Discord server itself and DMs (direct messages)), we have had to take the public invite link offline itself at this time, and until further notice.

To request a temporary invite link for access to our Discord server, please make sure to fill out all required details on the form below. Once your request has been received by us, we will thoroughly review it within the course of 24 - 48 hours to ensure that only legitimate users who meet our criteria for this music operation's follower community (as shown here) can gain access.

WARNING: If it is found during the screening process that the person submitting this request form turns out to be a person who previously had their access to the Discord server revoked (kicked and banned, especially due to committing major and/or repeated offenses), the request itself will be immediately denied. Also, any missing details upon submission of this form (especially the "Discord Username/Tag" and "Email Address" portions) will result in applicant denial as well.

(1) Your Discord Username/Handle:

(2) Your Email Address:

NOTE: Please make sure that the information that you provide here is valid; this is how we will get back to you if it's determined that said criteria has been met for you to receive an invite link to our Discord server (which will be valid for 24 hours from when we send the email).

(3) How did you hear about our Discord server and wanting to join us there?

(4) Do you honestly meet all of the criteria as stated on this page?

(5) Finally, upon approval and receiving an invite link to our Discord server, do you also agree to read and adhere to our Terms and Conditions there upon joining? (This is shown in the #server-rules channel upon being given your invite link for access to the server.)

NOTE: If "No" is selected here, this is also grounds for immediate denial.

Please be aware that upon submitting this form, you'll be redirected to a separate page by Formspree, the folks who will be processing this form being sent to us; this is the Anti-Spam measure put in place to ensure that you are indeed a real person. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.

Also, by clicking the "Submit Request" button below, you state that the details you provided in this invite link request form are true and correct.

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