As of 8/1/2019, we have completed our "Gallery List" page modification/file links list procedures entirely. However, we've been recently informed that the external file hosting service (Instaudio) will be closing their doors in late September. More details can be read here.

This means that the file hosting account that we have with them will be null and void in about one to two months; we are now diligently searching for a new reliable successor at this time so we can update the file links on our "Gallery List" pages accordingly before the end of September. Your help is greatly needed in this case; if you have any reliable external file hosting candidate suggestions that we should look further into (that obviously operates similar to Instaudio), please send me an email.

ALSO: It is still planned for us to see about canceling the "former" SaberCat Host external file hosting account that we have in due time (after we have definitely addressed the above situations). When the said "former account" does get canceled, any file links that were posted under the former external file hosting account from previous blog entires on this site will not be accessible anymore. More details of this warning can be read by checking out the latter part of this article. We appreciate your understanding and patience regarding this matter, everyone, and thanks in advance for any new external file hosting candidate suggestions that you send to us between now and September.

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Addendum to Important Announcement Made on 8/22/'19 ("Discord Portal" Invites)

Posted by Merit Celaire on Friday, August 23, 2019 - 09:57 am

This is to coincide with the important announcement that I posted during the course of yesterday due to recent attacks against yours truly and our social media portals on Twitter and Discord. But the focus is regarding the "Discord Portal" side of these music operations.

As you may have noticed, although we still have our server on the Discord still up and running (especially after I have had to hand out bans to the majority of users who were found to attempt personal attacks on me and everyone else there), the "public invite link" to gain access and join the server has been taken down and disabled until further notice.

In the meantime, and hopefully during the course of this coming weekend, I'll see about working on a new email form page that will allow those of you who are legimiate supporters of these music operations themselves to request a temporary invite link for access to our Discord server. Because of the recent happenings, the member count there as of the time of this posting now stands at 13 (including myself as the server owner/administrator).

This bears repeating once again when the form itself has been dealt with and goes live, which is also a warning: all requests that we will be receiveing from potential members who want to join us are subject to be screened ensuring that the responsible parties who have had their bans handed out against them due to recent "events" will NOT gain access to the server ever again. This is one of the "security measures" that will be in place until further notice; once again, there is no ETA on when we'll activate another public link to our Discord server, so please don't ask about this either.

That's all for now regarding this matter; thanks in advance for your patience regarding said events discussed here at hand, and I'll make another announcement post when the form itself goes live. See you all later.

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UPDATE: New External File Hosting Candidate Finalization Slightly Delayed

Posted by Merit Celaire on Friday, August 23, 2019 - 09:18 am

Due to the "recent events" that occured during the course of yesterday both operations wise (all angles) as well as personally (as stated here), this has in no doubt caused a slight delay in my finalizing our external file hosting candidate successor to replace the account that we have with Instaudio before the end of this month.

So here's what's going on: at this time, I'm dealing with other "outside obligations" at this time so I'm not able to finish my investiagtions into our final "file hosting candidate successors" until the end of this coming weekend. However, some folks from other angles were in talks with me still giving suggestions regarding those potential "candidates" (which I still thank you all for), but if all goes well and there are no more wrenches thrown at me and this process, you should expect that announcement between this weekend itself or this coming Monday. Stay tuned.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION Regarding Our Twitter and Discord Social Media Portals

Posted by Merit Celaire on Thursday, August 22, 2019 - 07:43 pm

Earlier this morning, everyone, two of our "social media portals" in relation to these music operations were under attack. Not only that, I received word that the folks responsible for this "attack" in question were also out after yours truly as well. I will not disclose the full details as well as the folks that are responsible for this case, but I will state that they were not actual supporters of me and these operations as a whole at all. Instead, after the truth was revealed to me, they posted on Twitter itself very sensitive information/dialogue in regards to "direct message conversations" that I have made with a certain group of people - and it even involved dialogue that even I did not want to have going public at all.

The events in question stated above are nothing more than a personal offense to me as well as everyone else here who is a true and legitimate faithful follower of these operations that I hold near and dear to my heart for nearly ten years. As a result of this, the folks that were found to be responsible for attempting to do extremely severe damage against me now have their respective accounts blocked on Twitter (meaning that they are no longer able to interact with us at our music operation's Twitter Portal) and Discord (specifically, they are now banned from and are no longer welcome on our related server; plus, the majority of known accounts that have interacted with yours truly before personally through direct messages will not have the chance from this point forward ever again).

Also, due to these unfortunate events against us regarding these two areas (especially against me, personally), there are two important things that you all need to know about:

(1) "Twitter Portal" - "Protected Account" (Until Further Notice)
First of all, due to the fact that this attack against myself and these operations as a whole happened on Twitter first with the posting of said "sensitive dialogue/information" mainly to ridicule me and these operations altogether in hopes to destroy all this hard work, the "Twitter Portal" itself and our account related to it are now in the "Protected" status. That means that although you're still able to get to that area through here, you won't be able to see our posts there unless you are a follower. And even then, if you do submit a "follower request" to us, we have to manually approve you before you see our Twitter postings altogether. Be forewarned: if there are any follower requests received that have a connection to previous accounts that have been blocked which were responsible for our having to take this action for our Twitter account, your request will be immediately denied. Additionally, there is no ETA on when I will take the account off of the "Protected Status" at this time, so please don't ask. We will use our own discrection in regards to when it's safe to put the account back in "normal" status in due time.

(2) Discord Portal - "Public Invite" Link Now Inactive At This Time
Because the majority of activity that lead to this action since this morning happened on the Discord, along with our getting word that the said folks responsible for my taking action to protect both our Twitter and Discord Portals (along with my blocking said users on the DM side and banning the majority of those users from our music operations related server on the Discord), the public invite link that we used has now been taken down and is currently inactive at this time. I will be working on alternative routes to allow legitimate followers who do have a Discord account to submit manual requests so I can send you a temporary invite link to join the server. Let it be clear that just like our manually having to "approve" followers on Twitter, we will be doing the same thing for folks who still want to join our Discord server as well.

For both the Discord and Twitter portals of our music operations, we unfortunately have to take this action for the safety and security of all those who are without legitimate followers of what we're doing here. And although these events were mainly to attack and ridicule yours truly, this is still an attack on an entire community who's supporting these operations as a whole, along with yours truly who's the maintainer/administrator of it all. As you all know, I'm a very positive person in everything I do, especially in regards to sharing my love of Nintendo's Super Mario videogame series as a whole along with doing my Super Nintendo music style arrangement covers for them. But it only takes certain "personal actions" from a certain group of people who want to do nothing but bring me and an entire operation down to have me get the line drawn; and apparently, they have crossed it. This kind of behavior has not been and will never be tolerated for this videogame music fan community, and any more actions like this after tonight will be dealt with in a swift fashion.

To the majority of folks reading this, I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused you and I thank you wholeheartedly for your understanding. As always, if there's anything that needs clarification, please do not hesitate to send me an email. Thank you.

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ALERT: New "External File Hosting" Successor To Be Announced Soon

Posted by Merit Celaire on Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 09:16 am

As you all are already aware, I've been spending the past few weeks investigating possible external file hosting candidates to succeed our soon to be previous one that we have with the folks at Instaudio (who's preparing to close their doors entirely in late September, along with rendering all file links to their servers null and void come the end of this month).

I am pleased to announce that we are close to making that final decision (as well as a formal announcement about it) about our newest successor later today or during the course of tomorrow. During that time, I will also share with you folks how we will do the "transition process" to get all our music files themselves to the new exteral file hosting account that these operations plan to us from here on out before this month comes to a close.

Once again, we appreciate your patience in advance as we continue to get this extremely urgent matter resolved as quickly as possible. Stay tuned.

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